First off, please bear with us but this is a new site that we built ourselves and we are still trying to work all the bugs out and get all the content in. Please check back for updates and additions in the near future.

In putting this site together we had five objectives:

First, to provide the viewer with a visually pleasing and intellectually interesting variety of photographic images that reflect both the natural and the man-made world in a manner the viewer might not normally see or notice.

Second, to provide a narrative that describes the geological, historical and artistic elements shown in the images and discusses the relationship between man and the land, its influence on his development and his use of the natural resources it provides.

Third, to provide a news and events dissemination point where information on a variety of things pertaining to photography, geology and the environment can be both presented and discussed. (We will be inviting others far more knowledgeable than ourselves to contribute here by the way.)

Fourth, to provide updated information on special exhibits, shows, classes and field workshops that PhotoGeo provides in conjunction with others.

Fifth and finally, OK, OK, yes we are also a commercial site and this is a way to promote ourselves. (Everybody has to eat!) We would love it if you would purchase some of our prints, but we are also available for a wide range of consulting projects whether that be helping with photographic, literary, general business or oil and gas exploration projects - and in this regard we invite you to view our sister site:

We consider our site to always be a "work-in-progress". Please check back with us again, we hope to be adding many more images and text for a long time to come!

Also, please feel free to contact us if you feel we should change/add/subtract/ something either to or from the site. We love to get feedback in all it's forms! We do not promise to act on it, but we will be sure to take it into consideration!



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