We conduct our training classes and workshops in conjunction with Robert Hansen and Dennis Jones at the Center Gallery in San Juan Capistrano. Currently we are conducting three seperate workshops:

Digital Camera Basics

Colorado Plateau

Death Valley


The Center Gallery Workshops maintains an itenerary of locations that promise to captivate and enrich the creative enthusiasim all photographers want to achieve. From dramatic sunrises along the Eastern flank of the Sierras to dramatic sunsets along the Escalante, the Center Gallery's focus is on catching the full glory of the fall colors together with an exploration of many untouched Anasazi archeological sites that remain hidden in the canyons of the Escalante-Grand Gulch wilderness. It is our intention to bring our students directly into dramatic scenery that will offer the best possible opportunity to create original and truly memorable imagery.

As in all our field workshops we will also provide our students with a thorough overview of the geology, human and natural history of the locations we visit. The Colorado Plateau is deservedly a favorite area of outdoor and landscape photographers, not only is it a stunningly beautiful land, it is also a geological marvel spanning much of Utah, Arizona, western Colorado and New Mexico. Over several million years the Colorado River drainage has cut steadily downwards as the land beneath it has slowly risen. This interaction has created fantastic canyon landscapes that include the Grand Canyon and its many tributaries, many hidden slot canyons, and dramatically exposed up-warps (anticlines) of the geology that underlies the land.

Throughout our trips (field conditions permitting) we will take time to upload student images to laptop computers. This will provide an invaluable teaching experience for the student learning digital photographic techniques. Expect to learn about basic and advanced digital photography practices from Photoshop RAW conversion workflow techniques to beginning and advanced Photoshop practices.

Digital Camera Basics

The Digital Camera Basics Workshop is designed to teach the beginner and enthusiast photographer how to properly use the various functions that are found on new DSLR cameras. The class will focus on Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus cameras and lenses.

Topics will include the following: Basic Settings, Camera Resolution, Parameters, White Balance, In-Camera Sharpening, Shooting Modes, Understanding Exposure, Using the Histogram for Exposure, RAW vs .JPEG, Downloading, Cataloging, Storage, Browsing, Photographic Techniques and recommended workflow.

Sessions are scheduled once per month for 6 hours per session with an additional 4 hour session (3 student maximum) scheduled after the student has used the camera over a three week period. The class fee is $200.00 and a materials and handout fee of $35.00 is collected on the first day of class. Classes are held at the Center Gallery. Limit 6 students per class. A private consultation/assessment will be held with each participant prior to the scheduled class date.

Colorado Plateau Zion National Park, Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs, Slot Canyons, Ute Mountain Tribal Park, Canyon De Chelley

- September 29, 2007 through October 6th, 2007.

Our annual trip to Canyon De Chelley and the Ute tribal park is our most popular workshop, and as in previous years we will explore Anasazi cliff dwellings and rock art and hike and photograph in some of the most beautiful and historically significant areas in North America. But this year we have decided to run the workshop later in the year in order to have a chance at finding snow scenes or winter storms over the red landscapes.

This trip will begin at Zion National Park at noon, where we will shoot afternoon, sunset and dawn views. From Zion we will drive to the Paria and Vermillion Cliffs wilderness for late afternoon and sunset shots of the dramatic Chinle Formation mountain slopes. We will spend the night in Page and the next day shoot the Antelope Slot Canyon in the morning and mid-day, and a Lake Powell overview at sunset. We will leave early next morning for Monument Valley and the Valley of the Gods, and spend the night in Bluff on the banks of the San Juan River. We will depart Bluff early the next day and drive to the Ute tribal park where we will shoot spectacular Anasazi ruins and petroglyphs. We will drive to Chinle that same evening and spend the remaining two days in Canyon de Chelley. On the return drive, students are encouraged to make time to visit the Hubbell Trading Post at Ganado and the Painted Desert - Petrified Forest National Park that flanks I-40. Please also see Robert Hansen's fine art images of this region.

Death Valley, Owens Valley, China Lake

- March 2007, filled.

- November 8-11, 2007.

From the lowest point in North America to the foothills of Mt. Whitney, the highest point of the lower 48 states, this workshop takes in some of the most dramatic, and least known terrains of North America. Understand their origin and then photograph the many geological and archeological marvels of the region: vast mountain ranges, desert dunes, volcanic cones, abandoned mines, ghost towns, and the incredible archaic Indian rock art of China Lake.

We will also take time to review student portfolios and during the breaks in photography sessions, upload student images and review them on our lap top computers. A wonderful learning environment will be provided in a unique geological area. Please also see Robert Hansen's fine art images of this region.



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